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Decorative Tiles

The Right Materials

Thanks to our quality supplies, every building project is an achievement.

High Quality Building Materials in Springfield

Decorative Tiles

From treated decking to plywood and OSB, without forgetting lumber, Anola Building Centre offers a vast array of high quality building materials for your project in Springfield and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to build a garage or need livestock fencing, we can answer all your building needs thanks to our great selection of products and services, including hardware, plumbing, electrical, paint and cleaning supplies. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to guide you to the most appropriate materials, equipment and tools to put your project on the road to success. You can count on our experience regarding kitchen design, project estimating, and much more!

Customer Experience at a High Level

Box stores can sometimes take a long time to get in and out – and find someone to help you! You don’t get to know the staff and trust their expertise. At Anola Building Centre, 90 % of our customers know us by name and vice versa!

By building relationships with our clients, we get to know their needs better and are able to answer in the most efficient and personalised way. Customer service is our specialty and we’re proud of it!

Free Project Estimates

Anola Building Centre offers free estimates for a wide variety of building, fencing, and remodeling projects. Contractors as well as individual customers can trust us when it comes to plan a construction budget.

Great Seasonal Products

Our seasonal products are adapted to your needs. Here’s a sample:

  • Spring: barkman products (concrete products for paving stones and planters) 

  • Summer: farm gates, lumber for deck and garages

  • Fall and winter: heating, wood stoves, insulation supplies


Trust our products and services at each step and get the results you want!

Decorative Tiles

We have selected great manufacturers to offer the most reliable products.

Decorative Tiles



Great help good pricing.

Rob M.

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